The Digital Duo

Product Designer and Developer

Your favorite things
Cyn: Swimming early in the morning when the sun’s rays first hit the water. Baking sourdough bread, cooking, learning and having eureka moments when I finally understand complicated stuff (sorry, I’m a nerd).
Jean Luis: Photography, bike rides, learning new stuff about my work which I really enjoy so much.
Both: Helping people in need.

Where do you go to get away from it all?
Cyn: I find so much joy and peace deep in the forest, surrounded by tall trees and plants, among the birds and insects, hearing the crunch of dry leaves, listening to the flow of the river, breathing clean and scented woodland air. In the city, I always make for contemporary art museums and huge libraries, like the Biblioteca Vasconcelos.
Jean Luis: Cozumel, an island near Playa del Carmen. It has beautiful beaches and it’s almost empty of people.

Something to drink?
Cyn: A Moscow mule.
Jean Luis: A beer or a whiskey.

How did you end up doing what you do now?
We met at college. Both of us worked on many websites in the prehistoric era when Flash still ruled the world. It was loads of fun and gave plenty of room for creativity and experimentation. Jean Luis has continued making websites ever since and he has seen the evolution of the digital world from the inside. My career took a new direction and I began working in editorial design and art direction; I was passionate about typography and back then the web was very limited in this aspect, there weren’t even any webfonts! Today it’s a very different story and designers have been doing really interesting visual work on the web, so I felt a strong urge to join them and create beautiful experiences without the limitations of the past. So I called Jean Luis and we started working together, blending our areas of expertise and passions to create websites and digital products.

What do you enjoy most about working with Arubaa?
They’re really kind and fun people to work with. We love how they give us total creative freedom and are very respectful of our work.