Production Manager

How long ago did you join Arubaa?
Two years ago.

Your favorite things
I’m afraid I’ve got loads… little potplants, bike rides, petting homeless street dogs. I love pancakes with Nutella for breakfast, and otherwise I live off pizza and ramen. Meeting up with friends, Star Wars. Music… classics like The Smiths and Bowie, and going to concerts. Sinaloa’s micheladas, and dancing salsa. Vintage clothes and my work. Oh, and I almost forgot, long live the Venezuelan arepa!

Where do you go to get away from it all?
The beach. For me it’s the perfect place to disconnect from the daily routine. I love swimming in the sea and feeling the sand under my feet. I wish I could be a fish, always swimming in the sea, not getting infected with COVID-19, hahaha.

Something to drink?
A nice cuba libre or a dead cold beer.

How did you end up doing what you do now?
I’m from Venezuela, and when I came to Mexico City I started out working as a waitress at a pizzeria. It was there I met Lalo, who went on to become my close friend. He was working at a production company and one day he invited me to join him on a job. I fell in love with the whole set up and now I’m here! I just think it was only by chance that I came to work in this industry. Many things could have turned out differently if I hadn’t worked at that pizza place. I wouldn’t have met all the people who are now like my second family. That’s why I love Mexico so much.

What do you enjoy most about working with Arubaa?
They’re very creative and fun to work with, always pushing hard to do the best work and to get amazing results. I’m happy to be connected with people like them, they’re as great at working as they are at partying.